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04 April 2013 @ 02:19 pm
Complete reset as of 2:18PM.
If you still haven't heard from me about subs, please contact me again at ttiffay[at]gmail[dot]com
My mail client got deleted and now I have no record of who I've contacted and who I haven't. =_=;

Sorry about that.
28 December 2011 @ 11:09 pm
Wow I've died on LJ, haven't I? This time last year I was busy pushing through all my college apps, and last time I posted was right after I finished my last applications. It's good stuff. ;D Good thing I'm done though--that was tough.

After that, what happened? I had to make it through my last year of high school, and I just so happened to be hit by a long run of senioritis. Slacked off like crazy, I barely made it out that year (had to maintain a certain GPA or else the schools I got into would rescind their offer), HAH.

But I *just* made it out, and then had a super-great and super-long vacation in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I ate a lot, but walked a lot, so in the end I lost 5 pounds and my mom was a little jealous...

I just finished my first semester...
and it was hard.

Cut me.

Now I'm on break..........................
and I'm worrying about next semester, despite having a good time eating this break. xDDDD

Well...I don't think I'll post very often on LJ anymore...I'm rather busy nowadays...But I guess every now and then I'll post on my photo blog ( :D
02 March 2011 @ 07:30 pm
Most of my journal entries are about my fandom, so I have no reason to friend-lock those entries.
If I've talked to you somewhere before, feel free to add me. AND SHARE SOMETHING WITH ME ABOUT YOURSELF.
I love meeting new people, just don't get creepy-stalker-y. I have enough of those already.

If you're here looking for downloads and whatnot...
the GazettE names mean...
Random downloadables
Yazima Beauty Salon [1st Single]
Tegoshi's SUMMER TIME PV Fashion
Ryo's SUMMER TIME PV Fashion
Massu's SUMMER TIME PV Fashion
Weider-In Jelly CM
Weider-In Jelly CM II
Russ-K & NEWS: Summer CM
Song-by-song review: pacific - NEWS [Album]

2/22/11、03:15: 眠い。もうすぐ完成ますよ。お楽しみ!今日すげぇ忙しいですから、今日アップ無理かもしらないね。


22 February 2011 @ 12:22 am
When I say don't redistribute, I mean it.
=_= Seriously people, just because you don't write whatever you're writing in English doesn't mean that I can't find you.
Google is amazing.
And so, this is more for me than for anyone else, but it's only been my first release and crap's already floating out there. I need to work harder at this.

For those that have been great and following my small request (to just sit and enjoy), thank you.
For those that haven't, :| you guys suck.

I'm in the index and I'm fine with that, though I was never asked if I wanted to be listed or not... ( D: )
But I think it'll be okay, since I also depend on that index too...

1. Redistribute and I will find you.
2. Thanks and lots of love to the great people of the world.
3. You can find me via index now. :O!